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When people think of storage facilities, the first thing that comes to mind for many is storage for their belongings. Did you know that in addition to storage units A Plus Super Storage also has shops to help grow your business? If your home has been taken over by your woodworking, crafting, exercising, or small business operations, consider renting a shop. At A Plus Super Storage, our units go beyond traditional storage needs and can support your small business or hobby in many ways with our convenient and affordable shop rentals.


Having a shop is a dedicated place to create, work, or play with minimal distractions. Take back your garage space, spare bedroom, living room, or kitchen and discover the growth possibilities 

of your business. A shop lets you focus on your operations so you can fulfill your dreams without the expensive and long-term contract of a shopping center lease. 


A-Plus Super Storage shops are for rent and lease to provide commercial space at a reasonable cost. A variety of shop sizes range from 625 square feet to 1,800 square feet, providing extra space for your budding business. There are many options for restrooms in the units that meet your space needs at great prices. We are proud to help small businesses grow through our three convenient Lubbock locations!

Signing up is simple and renters can choose from:

  • Storefronts
  • Small and large warehouses
  • Pull-through shops


What are you working on today? A-Plus Super Storage offers the space you need to clear your home and mind and increase productivity for your growing business or side hobby.  Reserve your space online now! 



test10 Tips for Organizing and Storing Holiday Decorations

Organizing and Storing Holiday Decorations With the 2021 holidays behind us, many of us have only just begun taking down our decorations. Spring cleaning is right around the corner, and clearing out what remains of the holiday season will give yourself a fresh start to the New Year. But where to begin? Here are 10 tips for organizing and storing your indoor and outdoor holiday decorations.  
  1. Disassemble all outdoor decorations. Take a picture to keep with your items so you can remember the setup for next time. Also, remove any batteries to prevent corrosion and increase the lifespan of your holiday decor.

  2. Wrap and label! This goes for your extension cords, timers, and power strips. Use Zip Lock bags for easy storage, and keep these things stored together if possible so you know exactly what materials are needed for your decorations next year.

  3. Determine the best type of storage container for your items. Will a traditional bin work best or will a storage bag be ideal for large or bulky items?

  4. Assess your storage space. If you purchased new decorations over the holiday season, you may be bursting at the seams and running out of closet space. Attics aren’t always the best choice during the summer months when decorations can fade or overheat.

  5. Consider a storage rental. They can come in all sizes, and if you choose A Plus Super Storage, you know your items are secure, climate-controlled, and monitored for safety.

  6. Use dividers to store your glass Christmas tree ornaments, which can be purchased or made with leftover cardboard. Cardboard spools can make wrapping Christmas lights a cinch.

  7. Separate glass and shatter-proof ornaments in storage or ornament containers to prevent breakage when unpacking for next year. Taking down the tree can seem overwhelming, but you’ll be glad you stayed organized!

  8. If taking down an artificial Christmas tree, consider investing in a tree bag that can keep your tree packed neatly until you need it again. Remember to contact your city or waste removal company before putting a live Christmas tree out to the curb for pick up.

  9. Color-code and label storage bins. Doing this will help categorize your decorations, so you know what’s in them before you open the lid.

  10. Consider an external storage solution to store your Christmas trees, wreaths, wrapping paper, storage bins, and other decorations so they can bring you joy year after year. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the number of bins stacking up in your hallway, A Plus Super Storage can help with affordable and trusted storage rentals! Knowing your items are safe, secured, and temperature-controlled will bring you peace of mind.

A-Plus Super Storage is your partner in storage solutions, big and small with rentals of every size. Stop by today at any of our 5 convenient Lubbock locations!

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In addition to partnering with local nonprofits in the Lubbock community, we want to be your partner for all things Lubbock storage. As such, our blog page is here to let you know about upcoming sponsorship events, give details on past events (so you’ll be sure not to miss the next one!), and teach you the ins and outs of self-storage so you can store your belongings like a pro.