testStorage Shops – For Business or Hobby

When people think of storage facilities, the first thing that comes to mind for many is storage for their belongings. Did you know that in addition to storage units A Plus Super Storage also has shops to help grow your business? If your home has been taken over by your woodworking, crafting, exercising, or small business operations, consider renting a shop. At A Plus Super Storage, our units go beyond traditional storage needs and can support your small business or hobby in many ways with our convenient and affordable shop rentals.


Having a shop is a dedicated place to create, work, or play with minimal distractions. Take back your garage space, spare bedroom, living room, or kitchen and discover the growth possibilities 

of your business. A shop lets you focus on your operations so you can fulfill your dreams without the expensive and long-term contract of a shopping center lease. 


A-Plus Super Storage shops are for rent and lease to provide commercial space at a reasonable cost. A variety of shop sizes range from 625 square feet to 1,800 square feet, providing extra space for your budding business. There are many options for restrooms in the units that meet your space needs at great prices. We are proud to help small businesses grow through our three convenient Lubbock locations!

Signing up is simple and renters can choose from:

  • Storefronts
  • Small and large warehouses
  • Pull-through shops


What are you working on today? A-Plus Super Storage offers the space you need to clear your home and mind and increase productivity for your growing business or side hobby.  Reserve your space online now! 


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test10 Tips for Organizing and Storing Holiday Decorations

Organizing and Storing Holiday Decorations With the 2021 holidays behind us, many of us have only just begun taking down our decorations. Spring cleaning is right around the corner, and clearing out what remains of the holiday season will give yourself a fresh start to the New Year. But where to begin? Here are 10 tips for organizing and storing your indoor and outdoor holiday decorations.  
  1. Disassemble all outdoor decorations. Take a picture to keep with your items so you can remember the setup for next time. Also, remove any batteries to prevent corrosion and increase the lifespan of your holiday decor.

  2. Wrap and label! This goes for your extension cords, timers, and power strips. Use Zip Lock bags for easy storage, and keep these things stored together if possible so you know exactly what materials are needed for your decorations next year.

  3. Determine the best type of storage container for your items. Will a traditional bin work best or will a storage bag be ideal for large or bulky items?

  4. Assess your storage space. If you purchased new decorations over the holiday season, you may be bursting at the seams and running out of closet space. Attics aren’t always the best choice during the summer months when decorations can fade or overheat.

  5. Consider a storage rental. They can come in all sizes, and if you choose A Plus Super Storage, you know your items are secure, climate-controlled, and monitored for safety.

  6. Use dividers to store your glass Christmas tree ornaments, which can be purchased or made with leftover cardboard. Cardboard spools can make wrapping Christmas lights a cinch.

  7. Separate glass and shatter-proof ornaments in storage or ornament containers to prevent breakage when unpacking for next year. Taking down the tree can seem overwhelming, but you’ll be glad you stayed organized!

  8. If taking down an artificial Christmas tree, consider investing in a tree bag that can keep your tree packed neatly until you need it again. Remember to contact your city or waste removal company before putting a live Christmas tree out to the curb for pick up.

  9. Color-code and label storage bins. Doing this will help categorize your decorations, so you know what’s in them before you open the lid.

  10. Consider an external storage solution to store your Christmas trees, wreaths, wrapping paper, storage bins, and other decorations so they can bring you joy year after year. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the number of bins stacking up in your hallway, A Plus Super Storage can help with affordable and trusted storage rentals! Knowing your items are safe, secured, and temperature-controlled will bring you peace of mind.

A-Plus Super Storage is your partner in storage solutions, big and small with rentals of every size. Stop by today at any of our 5 convenient Lubbock locations!
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testPartnering for a Better Community: A Plus Super Storage and Communities in Schools of the South Plains

You can find Communities in Schools of the South Plains (CIS) serving more than 8,000 students and their families on over 80 school campuses in 21 school districts. CIS is critical to the betterment of lives for young kids! Their programs keep kids in schools and reduce dropout rates.


Covering the $450 per-student cost for program services requires corporate and individual support. A Plus Super Storage goes beyond storage rentals to benefit Lubbock-area kids and families!


Partnering for Success

Lubbock-based Affordable Storage and A-Plus Super Storage partners with CIS through corporate support and sponsorships for fundraising events like the CIS Gala and the Peace, Love & Mud volleyball tournament. For the past three years, the volleyball tournament has been held onsite at A-Plus Super Storage. Look for more information coming soon on the 2022 volleyball tournament event!


Michael Postar is passionate about improving the Lubbock community and its youth residents. What began as an initial corporate sponsorship with CIS turned into an ongoing investment of his time and resources by serving as a board member for the past five years.


Commitment to Community

Michael Postar leads A Plus Super Storage and Affordable Storage with the same passion and drive he gives to CIS, and his commitment to improving the lives of young people is evident in everything he does. Michael also supports Make-A-Wish of North Texas, UMC Children’s Hospital, and Covenant Children’s Hospital.


A Plus Super Storage and Affordable Storage have been longstanding partners to CIS, with event sponsorships, toy drives and more. CIS is an outstanding organization and we are incredibly proud to support their mission!


You can give to CIS through online donations or by shopping their Amazon smile link. Also, we are asking the Lubbock community to bring a new and unopened toy to any A Plus Super Storage location to support CIS kids in need this holiday season!

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testTips for Preparing for Your Home Renovation

Home Renovation Storage If you’ve ever watched HGTV, gone on Pinterest, or even just dreamed about living in your perfect home, then you’ve probably also thought about home renovation. And if you’re a homeowner, the idea of home renovation is even more real. Once you decide to renovate or remodel your home, it can be a stressful and overwhelming process. But it doesn’t have to be, as long as you’re prepared! Even though there might be things you haven’t really thought about, such as renting out a storage unit, planning ahead can make the renovation process so much easier.   If you want some good tips for preparing for your home renovation, you’ve come to the right place! We have the most important things to keep in mind as you prepare your home for renovation—whether you’re simply remodeling your downstairs bathroom or are undertaking a huge project like a kitchen or all your floors, you’ll definitely find this advice helpful.

Get Organized Before You Start the Renovation

Before you begin work in your home—even if you’re doing some or all of the work yourself—take inventory of your belongings that are currently in the room you’re remodeling. This way, you’ll be able to keep track of all your items and put them back where they belong after the work is done. Additionally, if anything goes wrong, it will pay off to have these items written down for your insurance company.   When you’re organizing and packing things away, it’s also a smart idea to decide whether you want to keep certain items out and easy to access. For example, if you’re remodeling a bathroom, do you want to keep some toiletries out and in a different room so you can still use them? Maybe! That’s up to you. Finally, you’ll want to keep your contracts, receipts, and any other important paperwork organized as well, especially if your house is about to be a construction zone for the next few weeks.

Things You Might Not Have Considered

If you’re just planning on having one small room remodeled, you might assume you don’t need to change all that much around your home. However, that’s not always the case. First of all, you might want to get a new security system or upgrade what you currently have. If you’re going to have a lot of people in and out of your home, it can’t hurt to have measures in place to protect your belongings.   Additionally, you might find that it’s smart to consider some alternative accommodations while the remodel is taking place. Staying in a hotel, Airbnb, or with friends or family members for a few weeks isn’t always ideal, but it can definitely help keep your life calm and relaxed while the renovation is taking place.

Rent a Storage Unit for Your Prized Possessions

Perhaps the most important, yet simple, thing you can do for yourself while preparing for a home renovation is figuring out a storage solution for your items that belong in the room you’re remodeling. For instance, if you’re getting new floors put in, it might be smart to rent a storage unit for a month or so to keep all your furniture safe and in a dust- and climate-controlled environment. If you’re getting your kitchen remodeled, it might be wise to pack up and store Granny’s prized Depression glass collection in a storage unit where it will be safe from accidents that take place much more easily when nothing is in its usual place strangers are in and out of your home all day.   What’s more, if you choose to store with A-Plus Super Storage, you can rest assured that your items are safe while you’re busy with the remodel and that you’re getting a great deal and probably even a discount on a storage unit!   It’s easy to get bogged down by all the details with a home renovation but being prepared and getting organized ahead of time can really help the process go a lot smoother. Hopefully, you can relax some after reading this knowing that your home will soon look brand new, and anything you’ve chosen to put into storage in the meantime is kept safe with us!
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testA-Plus Super Storage Offers Veterans Day Discount

If there’s one thing Americans love almost more than anything, it’s freedom—and for good reason. Here in the United States, we are extremely lucky to have all the freedoms that we do, and there’s no denying the fact that we owe so much of that freedom to our men and women in uniform. Veterans and active military personnel are important for so many reasons, and truly deserve to be taken care of.   Here at A-Plus Super Storage, we feel strongly that the veterans in our community should get the utmost respect, and anything we can do to help them out, we will. That’s why we want to give an extra special discount to our Lubbock veterans. So, if you’re a veteran or active military personnel in need of a storage unit, stop by any of our 5 Lubbock locations during the month of November to get your first month free. Because when you serve your country, you deserve to receive excellent service and a great deal, and this is the least we can do.

Veterans Day is an Important Day in America

It’s no secret that Americans owe so much to veterans and anyone currently in the armed forces. But they haven’t always been appreciated for their valor. In fact, the history of Veteran’s Day is pretty interesting and goes back quite a while. In 1919, President Wilson declared that November 11th—the day when an armistice between the Allied nations and Germany went into effect—would be celebrated as Armistice Day.   However, because Armistice Day was in remembrance of World War I and the day was regarded as the end of “the war to end all wars,” another commemoration was necessary following World War II. So on June 1, 1954, legislation was approved to make November 11th become a day to honor all veterans, not just those who fought in WWI. On October 8th of that year, President Eisenhower officially issued the first “Veterans Day Proclamation.” Veterans Day is a huge part of American history, and there’s a reason why: veterans chose to put their lives on the line for their country, and if that doesn’t merit a national holiday, what does?

A-Plus Super Storage Appreciates our Veterans

Clearly, Veterans Day is a big deal—for many reasons. And here at A-Plus Super Storage, we want to ensure that all our local veterans and anyone actively involved in the military feel appreciated. So, not only can veterans and military service members take advantage of our everyday discounts on storage units, but we’re also offering something even bigger during the month of November for these special members of our communities. For Veteran’s Day, veterans and active military personnel can get their first month of storage at A-Plus Super Storage absolutely free when you sign up during November. Yes, free.   Veteran’s Day is an important day in American history, and we just want to make sure all the veterans and military personnel in the Lubbock area feel as appreciated as they truly are.
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testStudent Storage Checklist: If It Doesn’t Have These Amenities, It Isn’t Worth It

student storage When you’re a college student, you tend to have a lot of different things on your mind at any given time. From class schedules to what to major into even bigger questions like what to do with the rest of your life, college already tends to be a pretty stressful time for most students. So when it comes time to pack up your belongings, you definitely don’t want to worry about what you’re going to do with your items while you’re home or traveling or working for the summer months.   Obviously, a storage unit seems like the obvious answer, but is there a storage unit solution specifically made for students? When you only need a few months of storage time, you don’t want to pay for a whole year. That’s where A-Plus Super Storage comes in because we have the perfect storage solution for students. That said, to make things easier, you want to have a student storage checklist of sorts, and if your storage facility doesn’t have these amenities, then it isn’t worth it.

You Need Different Size Options

First of all, when you’re a college student, it tends to take a year or so to really accumulate a ton of belongings that you don’t need to take home with you over summer break. When you’re a freshman in a dorm room, you really don’t have that much stuff that won’t go home with you. Sure, you might want to keep your winter clothes, dorm bedding and decor, and other items you won’t need for the summer in a storage unit, but you definitely don’t need a huge unit for all that.   On the other hand, as the years go by, and you move into an apartment or rental house instead of a dorm room, you’ll start to acquire a lot more stuff and need a place to put it all for the summer instead of transporting it home and back (because that’s just a huge hassle). Fortunately, A-Plus Super Storage has plenty of different storage units in a range of sizes to best suit your needs each year. Whether you’re just storing a few boxes of clothes or a couch and mattress, we have the perfect unit for you.  

Your Belongings Need to be Stored in a Safe, Convenient Space

Another important amenity to take into consideration when looking for student storage is security and location. It’s definitely easier to choose a storage facility that’s closer to your college campus so you don’t have to drive all over town when moving out and then back in. A-Plus Super Storage not only offers great discounts on storage units for students, but we also have three convenient locations close to Texas Tech University and Lubbock Christian University to choose from. So when it comes to convenience, you can definitely check that off your list.   Additionally, you want your items to be safe while you’re far from them at home or traveling for the summer, and you can rest assured they will be with us. Our storage locations have a secure gate to enter the facility, 20+ security cameras, well-lit driveways, and 10’-high security fences to keep your belongings secure. Additionally, most units are climate and dust-controlled, meaning you don’t have to worry about your belongings at all while you’re out of town.

You Might Need Help Moving Your Stuff

Finally, as a college student, it can be hard to organize help while packing your stuff away for winter or summer break. You might not be able to rely on friends, who are busy moving their own stuff, or family, who might live far away, to help you move your belongings into storage That’s nothing to stress about, though, because we’ve got you covered.   Not only can we provide you with packing supplies to get all your items ready for storage, but we have a trailer you can use for free to move all your stuff into your storage unit! Yes, you read that correctly. You don’t have to borrow a friend’s truck or pay to use a moving truck when you rent a unit from us. We’ve got a trailer just for you so that’s one less thing you need to worry about.   You already have enough to worry about in college. Where to store your items for winter or summer break shouldn’t be one of them. And with A-Plus Super Storage, it doesn’t have to be.
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testHow To Winterize Your Pool and Accessories

Pool Equipment Storage

There’s nothing quite like having your own pool in your own backyard. Whether it’s an above-ground pool or an in-ground pool, large or small, with a hot tub or not, a pool is almost necessary when you live in Texas. Because the weather gets so hot for the majority of the year, you can get a lot of use out of a pool, especially in Lubbock. However, once winter rolls around, your pool requires a new kind of attention.


When the temperature starts to drop, and you and your family no longer take regular dips in the pool, it’s probably time to think about winterizing your pool and accessories. If you’re new to owning a pool, or even if you’re a seasoned pool owner, this process might seem a little overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! If you want to properly winterize your pool for the cooler months, it does require some hard work. Fortunately, one thing you don’t have to worry about is where to store your pool accessories and equipment. That’s where we come in.

Clean the Pool and Adjust the Water Chemistry

The first thing you need to do when you get ready to winterize your pool is to give it a good cleaning. This shouldn’t be too hard for most pool owners, as regular pool maintenance requires a good cleaning anyway. Use your vacuum to clean the bottom of the pool, and a skimmer to remove any debris in the pool as well.


Then things get a little more complicated. Before you close up your pool for the winter, you want to make sure the water chemistry is balanced. You should be sure the alkalinity of your pool water is somewhere in the range of 80 and 150 parts per million, that the calcium hardness is between 175 and 225 parts per million, the pH is between 7.2 and 7.6, and last but certainly not least, that the chlorine level is between just 1 and 3 parts per million. Once everything is in the correct range, you can move on to the next step, but test it again before closing the pool for good, as these levels might have changed.

Shock Your Pool & Drain or Lower the Water Level

After your pool is all balanced, the next step is to shock it. When you shock your pool, you’re basically delivering a ton of chemicals into your pool water to kill any remaining bacteria and other unsightly debris. After you shock your pool, you can then lower the water level to ensure that the water doesn’t freeze and expand during the winter. This step isn’t always necessary, but if you want to be extra sure that your pool will be ready to go for summer, lowering the water level is a good idea.

Cover Your Pool & Store Your Equipment

Finally, once your pool is cleaned, vacuumed, shocked, and lowered, you can get ready to cover it for the winter season. If you already have a cover for your pool, then you’re all set! If not, you’ll need to pick out a pool cover that fits properly.


Obviously, you need to remove any equipment and accessories before you put the cover on. Once your cover is on and secure and your pool is ready to face the winter weather, you can grab all your pool accessories and equipment and put them in a storage unit for the winter months. A-Plus Super Storage has a large variety of storage unit sizes to choose from, so you know you’re getting exactly what you need for exactly as long as you need it. What’s more, we also regularly offer discounts for our storage units, so you get to save some money, too!


It’s crucial to winterize your pool once the weather cools down. Even though the process might seem overwhelming at first, it’s an important part of pool ownership. After all, pools are expensive, so you want to do your best to maintain them. Never fear, though—A-Plus Super Storage is here to ensure your accessories and equipment stay in tip-top shape—and out of your way—until you’re ready to open the pool back up next season.

testSeniors Are Downsizing and This is Their Checklist


Even though some people might think that living in a giant home is the epitome of the American dream, that’s not true for everyone. These days, senior citizens have started to downsize as they grow older and retire, and the decision is pretty brilliant. To save money, lower property taxes, travel more, be less stressed, or just move on to the next chapter in your life, seniors aren’t the only ones downsizing. The trend is becoming increasingly popular and for good reason! But if the thought of downsizing alone is overwhelming, then you’ve come to the right place. We promise it’s not, and moreover, we’re here to help!


As more and more seniors are downsizing, what exactly, is their checklist for making the big move? Well, it turns out that the entire process is a lot less complicated than you think (especially when you rent out a storage unit). If you’re considering downsizing—regardless of your age—these simple tips can definitely help.

Go Through Your Belongings

Perhaps the first thing most seniors do, and you can do too, to make the downsizing process easier is going through all their belongings. This might seem intimidating, but it will seriously help in the long run. Take a good, hard look at all your clothes, decor items, books, movies, and whatever else you own to see if there are things you truly don’t need and that you can live without. Just take it one space at a time, and before you know it, you’ll see how much stuff you can truly part with. Once you see what you don’t need, the idea of downsizing can become a whole lot more realistic.


Additionally, this is a great opportunity to have a garage sale to get rid of extra belongings or donate them. When decluttering, you can make separate piles for items to keep, donate, sell, or simply toss. Whatever you do, this first step in the downsizing process is important and can make a big difference when you want to move into a smaller space for any and all reasons.

Have a Plan to Organize Your New Space

Even after you go through everything that you own and get rid of some things, that doesn’t mean moving into your new, smaller home will automatically go smoothly. It’s important to have a plan for how you’re going to fit everything you’ve kept into your new space. Yes, before you even start packing items away in boxes, have an idea of where everything will go in your new home.


To do this, make sure you have an accurate picture of your new home’s floor plan. Then, you can decide where you’re going to put bigger furniture items and think about what storage and organizational items you’ll need to purchase to make everything else fit. For instance, if your new bathroom lacks adequate shelves and cabinets, you might want to buy some storage shelves before moving in. Whatever the case, all seniors and anyone else going through the downsizing process can agree that having a plan before moving in is key.

Rent a Storage Unit for any Extras or Sentimental Items

Even though your goal in downsizing might be to save money, it’s still a good idea to rent out a self-storage unit for anything you want to be kept safe or put away. If you’ve found that your new, smaller home doesn’t have space for all your keepsakes or even just seasonal items you don’t use every day like heavy winter coats and holiday decorations, then a storage unit is a great idea.


Fortunately, A-Plus Super Storage regularly offers discounts on just about all of our storage units, so when you’re ready to downsize, we’ve got a safe place to put anything extra that won’t fit. Go ahead and pack away those sentimental items you want to keep secure (and climate-controlled), as well as anything else—and don’t feel bad about it! We make sure your items are taken care of and that you’re getting a great deal. You’re still downsizing when you rent a storage unit, and it’s honestly the smartest way to ensure your move goes smoothly.


No matter what reason you have for wanting to downsize, we’re here to help make that process easier. So, take a deep breath and get to organizing and planning! Once you get started, you might even have fun! Regardless, we bet that once you’ve completed this checklist, you’ll feel so much better about moving into a smaller space.

testDid the Increasing Number of Digital Nomads Really Get Rid of All Their Stuff?

As devastating as the COVID-19 pandemic has been for people all over the world, if there’s been one positive to come from the situation, it’s that more and more offices and companies have allowed their employees to work remotely. This new lifestyle has become increasingly popular among workers who want to be able to see more of the world but not give up their jobs. Known as “digital nomads,” remote workers who travel really just need a computer and internet connection to get things done, and then they can go to new places in their free time. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?


And while there is an increase in the number of digital nomads, did they really get rid of all their stuff? As nice as it might sound to live without too many material possessions weighing you down, is that really feasible? Well, not for everyone. And as it turns out, the digital nomad lifestyle really depends on having a good storage unit you can rely on while you’re traveling and far from home. So, if you’ve ever been curious about becoming a digital nomad and traveling the world while working remotely, then just know that it’s easier than it sounds—and it doesn’t require selling everything you own to make it work.

The Rise of Digital Nomads

As more and more people got sent home from their offices while COVID-19 was surging across the United States, no one really knew how long it would last. But as time went on, and a remote workforce became realistic, more people realized they could follow a digital nomad lifestyle.


To be a digital nomad, all you need is the option to work remotely at whatever it is you do—be that marketing, sales, or anything else—and a means to travel. You can decide to spend a week in California while taking your laptop and work along with you and using your hotel’s Wi-Fi to get your work done—and then go exploring after you’ve signed off for the day. But what exactly does that look like? And how do you keep up with your belongings at home if you’re constantly traveling?

It’s Freeing to Not be Tied Down by All Your Possessions

Part of the appeal of the digital nomad lifestyle is that you can travel and live practically anywhere, as long as you have access to the internet. Additionally, as anyone who has traveled before knows, there’s a sense of freedom that comes with not having a ton of belongings with you all the time. More than that, if you know your belongings are safe while you’re gone, you can relax and truly enjoy your time spent traveling and exploring new places.


If you’ve never traveled for an extended period before, then you might be a little confused as to how digital nomads make it work. But the short answer is that no, not every digital nomad sells all their belongings before they head out on their grand adventure. On the contrary, while they might give up their lease or sell some things, they have a great alternative to letting go of everything: renting a storage unit.

Putting Your Belongings in Storage is the Answer

Sure, some digital nomads might decide to sell everything they own (save for a few outfits, toiletries, their passport, and a laptop, of course) and hit the road. But in reality, the best way to make the lifestyle work for you is to rent a storage unit. Especially if you plan to travel for a long time and you rent out your home or give up your lease, a storage unit is a great safety net to come home to.


When you rent a storage unit, you can rest assured that all your belongings are in a safe place until you decide to come home. Additionally, you don’t have to sell anything you don’t want to, and if you rent a self-storage unit with A-Plus Super Storage, you can also choose a climate and dust-controlled unit, all at a discounted price. Packing most of your stuff away in a storage unit allows you the freedom to work and travel as much as you want with zero stress weighing you down.


If you decide that you want to try out being a digital nomad, then we say go for it! Take advantage of your remote work while you can and leave your stuff with us! It will stay safe, clean, secure, and best of all, there are plenty different-sized storage units you can choose from to make sure you’re getting the most for your money.

testAmenities to Look for When Shopping for RV Storage

As any RV owner knows, there are definitely perks to having your own recreational vehicle. You can go on long road trips with the family, camp out in super cool locations, and basically have your own home-on-the-go. No matter what you do or where you go with your RV,  it’s important to have a safe home for it when you aren’t using it. But if you’re like most people, you probably don’t happen to have a giant garage made just for your RV attached to your house. So, what are you supposed to do? Well, if you aren’t planning on using your RV for a while, it might be smart to put it in storage so you can be sure it’s safe, secure, and you don’t have to constantly worry about it. But isn’t that all expensive?


Fortunately, it doesn’t’ have to be! So, when you’re shopping around for RV storage, there are definitely things to keep in mind, other than the cost. Yes, getting a good deal is obviously important—and here at Affordable Storage we know we can get you a good deal—but it’s also important to make sure your RV will be in good hands.

A Large Enough Space is Key

It’s important to make sure that whatever storage company you choose has units large enough to accommodate your RV. After all, RVs come in many sizes, so you need to make sure yours will fit into the particular unit you’re interested in.


Fortunately, at Affordable Storage, we have several different sizes of canopy, enclosed, and open parking RV storage. Our RV storage units range in size from 25 feet to 50 feet. Our enclosed units all have 14-foot overhead doors. This means that no matter what size RV you own, we have a unit that can safely fit it.


Before you decide which size unit to rent, you also need to keep in mind that you don’t want your RV to just barely fit in the unit. You need room to get in and out, move any belongings in and out, allow doors and storage access bays to open and steps to come down, and just to be safe and cautious. Clearly, when it comes to storing your RV for any amount of time, having a large enough storage unit is key.


Safety Measures Matter

Another important amenity to look for when shopping around for RV storage are safety precautions. At any storage facility, you want to ensure that safety measures are taken to ensure whatever you’re putting away is kept secure. And when the thing that you’re storing is an entire recreational vehicle, that becomes even more important.


At Affordable Storage, we not only have computerized gate access, but we also have camera surveillance. So, if anything were to happen, we could see what went down. But really, having these safety measures when storing something as important (and expensive) as an RV is crucial. Whether you want your RV locked away for a few months while you can’t travel or want a place to store the vehicle year-round when you’re not using it, having a solid security system in place is always a good idea.

Other Amenities to Look For

You know that it’s important to look for a good price, good safety measures, and a large enough space when you’re trying to find somewhere to store your RV. But are there any other amenities to look for when shopping for RV storage? Yes! There definitely are, and some of them might surprise you. Here are a few we offer here at Affordable Storage:

  • Dump station: Storing your RV with empty, clean tanks is crucial to avoiding unpleasant surprises the next time you’re ready to take a trip.
  • Air and water station: When you’re ready to take that next trip, ensuring proper tire inflation and filling up your fresh water tank before you leave will go a long way toward having the safest, most pleasant trip you can.
  • Staging area: The best part about RV life is being able to take your own things with you. The worst part is loading them all into the RV before you go and taking it all out when you get back. Having a staging area where you can park for loading and unloading makes that process much easier.
  • Concrete paths and roads: When you load your RV into your storage unit, concrete roads and driveways ensure that you don’t have to worry about damage being done to the vehicle. Concrete paths mean everything doesn’t get dusty when loading and unloading your RV.
  • Location, location, location: Between trips, you will inevitably find you need something at home that you left in your RV after the last journey. Having a safe, secure RV storage location that is also close by is invaluable. Fortunately, we have 10 storage locations across the Lubbock area, and three of them offer RV and boat storage, so we’ve got you covered.


Basically, we have it all, and there’s not really anything you’ll have to worry about once you decide to store your RV at Affordable Storage. Amenities are important when storing your RV, so don’t take any shortcuts. And remember that you can get all of these amenities at a great cost—you just have to know where to look!