testThink, Plan, Move

Think, Plan, Move

Are you tired of finding clutter in every corner of your home? Self-storage offers a convenient solution, but before you begin, consider these three essential steps: Think, Plan, Move.

Think, Plan, Move with A Plus Super Storage

Think: Before diving into storage, take a moment to evaluate what items you truly need to keep. Consider their sentimental value, frequency of use, and whether they contribute to your daily life. By thoughtfully assessing your possessions, you can prioritize what deserves a spot in your storage unit and what can be donated, sold, or discarded. This mindful approach will streamline your storage process and prevent unnecessary clutter from accumulating.

Plan: A well-executed plan is the key to a successful storage experience. Start by determining the size of the storage unit you require based on the items you wish to store. Use our handy storage unit guide to get a better idea of what you’ll need. Organize your storage unit strategically, placing frequently accessed items near the front and maximizing vertical space stackable containers or just stacking your boxes. With a solid plan in place, you’ll optimize your storage space and minimize any hassle down the road.

Move: Finally, it’s time to take action and move your belongings into storage. Gather packing supplies such as boxes, bubble wrap, and tape to ensure your items are packed securely – also available at every one of our locations! Label boxes clearly to identify its contents and make unpacking a breeze. Utilize furniture covers and mattress bags to protect larger items from dust and damage. When loading your storage unit, remember to leave pathways for easy access and prioritize fragile items to prevent accidents.

Self-storage can be a game-changer for reducing clutter & updating your space. By adopting a thoughtful approach that encompasses thinking, planning, and moving, you can make the most of your unit. Take the first step today to a more organized and clutter-free lifestyle!

testSpring Cleaning Surge

Spring Cleaning Surge

As the season changes, the universal desire to declutter and refresh our living spaces comes to the forefront. Spring, with its promise of new beginnings, motivates us to remove the old and make room for the new. A Plus Super Storage stands ready as the premier choice for those seeking extra space during this seasonal clean-out. Our understanding of the spring-cleaning ritual goes beyond the physical act of tidying up; it’s about creating a sense of renewal and organization in our personal spaces.

Spring Decluttering

Our services cater to individuals and families engaged in the spring-cleaning process, who find themselves in need of affordable and accessible storage solutions. These are people committed to decluttering their homes without having to part with items that hold sentimental or practical value. They are in search of storage options that provide value without compromising on quality or accessibility. A Plus Super Storage recognizes this need and offers a variety of solutions to meet these goals, ensuring that every item has a place.


Confronting Storage Dilemmas

The challenge of limited residential space often leads to cluttered and chaotic living environments, which can be a source of stress and discomfort. A Plus Super Storage addresses this problem head-on, advocating for a philosophical shift towards maintaining clean, orderly homes as a cornerstone of well-being. We understand that the struggle to find a balance between a desire for a neat home and the reality of spatial limitations is real. By offering “Flexible, Economical, Versatile Solutions,” we demonstrate our commitment to helping our clients find peace and organization in their homes.


A Plus Super Storage’s Solution

We recognize the difficulty of balancing the desire for a decluttered home against the limitations of available space. Our authority in the storage industry is cemented by our commitment to providing solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of our clients, ensuring that each finds the perfect fit for their storage requirements.


Navigating A Plus Super Storage’s Pathway

  • Precision and Ease: Utilizing our storage unit space estimator tool, clients can accurately determine their storage needs, ensuring they find the right size unit without paying for unnecessary space.
  • Tailored Storage Options: We detail the selection process, focusing on the variety of storage options available. Whether it’s the climate-controlled units for temperature-sensitive items, drive-up storage for convenience, or dust protection in our dust-controlled units, our solutions are designed for maximum protection and accessibility.
  • Security and Convenience: The advantages of choosing A Plus Super Storage are clear. With features like: Over 20 security cameras, wide and well-lit driveways, electronic gate access, and onsite moving supplies, we provide a secure and user-friendly environment for our clients’ belongings.


A clutter-free spring is within reach with A Plus Super Storage. By choosing our solutions, clients move towards a more organized and peaceful life. We make the process of finding the perfect storage solution straightforward and stress-free.

testMastering Post-Christmas Decoration Storage

The Art of Timing: Mastering Post-Christmas Decoration Storage

As the vibrant hues of Christmas fade into the serene embrace of the New Year, a key question looms in the minds of many: “When is the ideal time to pack away our beloved Christmas decorations?” The answer, while seemingly straightforward, encompasses a blend of cultural traditions, personal preferences, and practical considerations. Let’s delve deeper into this topic, courtesy of A Plus Super Storage, your trusted partner in smart and secure storage solutions.

Mastering Post Christmas Decoration Storage

Cultural Traditions and Personal Preferences

The timing for stowing away Christmas decorations varies widely. Traditionally, many adhere to the Twelve Days of Christmas, a period that stretches from December 25th to January 6th, culminating on Epiphany or Three Kings’ Day.


On the other hand, some prefer to start the New Year afresh, choosing to store decorations promptly after January 1st. This approach often symbolizes a new beginning, clearing the old to make way for the new.

Practical Considerations

Beyond tradition and preference, practical factors play a crucial role. Procrastination can lead to clutter and disorganization, diminishing the joy that these decorations bring. Conversely, rushing the process may result in damage or disarray, complicating future holiday preparations.

Methodical Decluttering and Assessment

Post-Christmas is an opportune time for decluttering. Carefully examine each decoration. Does it hold sentimental value? Is it in good condition? Deciding what to keep, donate, or discard not only simplifies your storage but also paves the way for rejuvenating your future holiday décor.

Cleaning and Preparation: A Must-Do Step

Before packing, ensure that each item is clean and dry. This step is crucial, especially for items that were displayed outdoors and are susceptible to moisture and dirt. Clean decorations prevent potential issues like mold and maintain their pristine condition.

A Plus Super Storage: Your Storage Ally

When it’s time to store, A Plus Super Storage offers a plethora of solutions tailored to your needs. Our climate-controlled storage units are perfect for delicate items like hand-painted ornaments or electronic components in modern decorations that could be damaged by extreme temperatures or humidity.


For larger items, like artificial trees or oversized wreaths, our drive-up storage units offer unparalleled convenience. You can easily load and unload your decorations without the hassle of navigating through tight corridors or elevators.

Security and Accessibility: Our Promise

Ensuring the safety and easy accessibility of your decorations is our top priority. Our facilities boast state-of-the-art security cameras and vigilant on-site managers, providing you with peace of mind. Furthermore, our innovative storage unit space estimator tool assists you in selecting the ideal unit size, ensuring that you pay only for the space you need.


Deciding when to store your Christmas decorations is a multifaceted decision, influenced by an array of factors ranging from cultural traditions to personal circumstances. Whenever you choose to embark on this task, remember that A Plus Super Storage is here to facilitate a smooth, secure, and efficient storage experience. With our comprehensive range of options, including climate-controlled and drive-up units, and unwavering commitment to security, your cherished holiday decorations will be safeguarded and ready to bring joy for many seasons to come.

testPost-Holiday Storage Guide

Post-Holiday Storage Guide: Smartly Storing Your Christmas Decorations

As the last echoes of Christmas carols fade and the festive season winds down, it’s time to think about the less glamorous, but equally important, task of storing your Christmas decorations. Doing this right ensures that your cherished decorations remain in perfect condition, ready to spread joy again next year. Here’s a step-by-step guide from A Plus Super Storage to help you with this task.

Post Holiday Storage Guide

Step 1: Assess and Organize

Start by taking stock of your decorations. Sort them into categories like lights, baubles, wreaths, and figurines. It’s also a good time to decide what you might want to donate or discard. Remember, decluttering is as much a part of the post-holiday process as storage.

Step 2: Clean and Prep

Gently clean your decorations before storing them. This step is crucial for items like artificial trees or outdoor lights that may have gathered dust or debris. A clean start next year makes for an even brighter festive season.

Step 3: Safe Packing

Invest in quality storage containers. For delicate ornaments, consider compartmentalized boxes. Wrap lights around cardboard to prevent tangling and use tissue paper or bubble wrap for extra fragile items.

Step 4: Utilize Smart Storage Solutions

Here’s where A Plus Super Storage can elevate your storage experience. Consider our climate-controlled storage units for temperature-sensitive decorations like candles or vintage items. These units maintain a stable environment, protecting your treasures from extreme temperatures and humidity.

Step 5: Easy Access and Security

With the festivities over, you want your decorations stored in a place that’s accessible yet secure. A Plus Super Storage offers drive-up storage units, making the loading and unloading of your festive gear hassle-free. Plus, our on-site managers and security cameras ensure your items are safe until next season.

Step 6: Plan for Next Year

As you store away your decorations, take a moment to jot down any ideas or notes for next year’s decorations. This little step can spark even more creativity for the coming festive season.


Storing your Christmas decorations may not be as exhilarating as setting them up, but with the right approach, it can be a smooth and satisfying end to your holiday season. A Plus Super Storage is here to help, offering solutions like climate-controlled units, drive-up access, and top-notch security, ensuring your festive treasures are well-protected. Ready for next year’s holiday season? With your decorations safely stored away, you’re already one step ahead!

testOptimize Storage for Holiday Decor: Tips & Tricks by A Plus Super Storage

Optimize Storage for Holiday Decor: Tips & Tricks by A Plus Storage

Holiday storage tips brought to you by A Plus Super Storage

Secure and Preserve Your Holiday Decorations: Long-Term Storage Tips

As the festive season approaches, the joy of decorating our homes brings with it a familiar challenge: Where do we store all these decorations once the holidays are over? At A Plus, we understand that your holiday decorations are more than just objects; they are memories and traditions that bring joy year after year. Our mission is to help people who are seeking self-storage solutions specifically for their cherished holiday items. Understanding the Storage Dilemma Many of us face the external problem of limited space at home for storing holiday decorations. This challenge is not just about finding a spot for your decorations; it’s about preserving the joy and spirit they embody without turning your home into a cluttered space. Internally, this leads to stress and frustration, as managing this clutter can dampen the festive spirit. We at A Plus recognize the sentimental value of your holiday decorations. We know they are not just ornaments or lights; they are pieces of your cherished holiday memories. That’s why we offer flexible, economical, and versatile storage solutions. Our facilities are designed to keep your treasured decorations safe and accessible, year after year.

Practical Tip

When it comes to delicate ornaments, the right packing and storage techniques are crucial. We recommend using specific materials like bubble wrap or tissue paper to wrap each ornament individually. For extra safety, place them in sturdy, compartmentalized boxes. At A Plus, our climate-controlled units ensure that your delicate items are protected from temperature fluctuations and humidity, which can be detrimental to their longevity.


For those who cherish their holiday ornaments and seek a secure place to store them, we invite you to explore now our range of storage units, designed to cater to your every need.

Solutions for Bulky Items and Decor Maintenance

Storing bulky holiday items like artificial trees and outdoor displays can often seem like a daunting task. However, at A Plus, we’ve tailored solutions to make this process effortless. Our spacious and secure storage units are designed to accommodate even the largest of holiday decorations. We understand that these items, though large, are integral to your holiday celebrations and require special care.


To maximize space, we suggest disassembling parts of these items where possible. For instance, artificial trees can often be broken down into smaller sections. Utilize vertical space by standing these items upright and consider shelving options for smaller components. Our units come in various sizes, ensuring that you have just the right amount of space without paying for unused square footage.


If you’re struggling to find space for your larger holiday decorations, don’t compromise by leaving them out in the cold. Reserve your unit today and give your holiday items the home they deserve.

Seasonal Tips for Maintaining Decorations in Storage

Preserving the pristine condition of your holiday decorations while in storage is crucial. At A Plus, we recommend specific strategies to maintain their quality. Firstly, ensure all items are clean and dry before storage to prevent mold and mildew. Wrap lights around cardboard pieces to prevent tangling and use acid-free tissue paper for delicate items.


The accessibility and organization of your stored items are paramount. Label all boxes clearly and create an aisle within your unit for easy access. Our storage units are designed for efficient organization, with options for additional shelving to keep things orderly.


We understand that loading and unloading decorations can be laborious. That’s why our facilities include wide, well-lit driveways and electronic gate access, making the process as smooth as possible. Plus, with onsite moving supplies, you have everything you need right at your fingertips.


Storing your holiday decorations should not be a source of stress. With A Plus, you can rest assured that your festive items are in safe hands, ready to bring joy and celebration year after year.

test6 Tips for Long-Term Storage

6 Tips for Long-Term Storage

Let us help you move into your apartment

Planning to store items for an extended period of time? A long-term storage rental might be just what you need. Here are tips to ensure your belongings stay safe and protected for weeks, months, or even years!

Choose the Right Size 

Select a storage unit that fits all of your stuff neatly and without overcrowding. Not sure how much space you need? Don’t worry—our Storage Unit Guide will help you figure it out in three easy steps.

Assess the Type of Storage You Need

Whether that be drive-up, dust-controlled, or climate-controlled storage options, know what type of unit is best for your stored items. Drive-up units may be more affordable, but in most cases, experience fluctuating weather and seasonal conditions. Climate-controlled units are ideal for storing things like electronics, antique furniture, photos, personal documents, or anything else that needs stable temps to prevent fast deterioration. 

Prepare Your Storage Contents

You can do this by investing in quality packing materials such as sturdy boxes, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and furniture covers for storage protection. And, don’t forget to label and organize the contents in each box or tote. Once your items are inside a storage container, arrange them in your unit by placing the most-accessed items near the front so you can get in and out quickly. 

Arrange Large or Bulky Items 

For things like appliances and furniture, make sure you clean them first. And be sure to disassemble large furniture if possible, with the largest items going towards the back and the heaviest furniture at the bottom. This will save space so you can stack vertically and get the most use of your storage rental.

Know the Property Security Features

Consider choosing a facility with strong security measures such as surveillance cameras, gated access, well-lit driveways, and on-site staff. Be sure to ask questions like, How tall is the perimeter fencing? Or, How many security cameras monitor the property?

Check on Your Storage Regularly

Even for long-term storage, it’s a good idea to visit the unit periodically to inspect your belongings and ensure you are not finding mold, mildew, or unusual wear and tear. Also, we recommend rotating items regularly to maintain their condition.

By following these tips, you can help ensure that your items remain in good condition and are easily accessible, even after extended periods of storage. And luckily, renting a storage unit from A Plus Super Storage is simple. We make it easy with 7 convenient locations and no-hassle month-to-month agreements. We look forward to serving you at A Plus Super Storage!

testSecurity Features to Look for in a Storage Facility

Security Features to Look for in a Storage Facility

A Plus Super Storage has 24/7 security with video surveillance and cameras
How secure should your belongings be in a storage facility? We think that’s one of the most important features, and it should be at the top of your list, too. Here are 4 security features to look for when comparing storage facilities.

Security Cameras 
There are over 20 security cameras operating 24 hours a day at each of the A Plus Super Storage Lubbock locations. We want to be sure your belongings are safe just as much as you do!

Electronic Gate Access
When you rent a storage unit at any of our seven A Plus Storage locations, you are provided with an electronic gate code for easy and secure access to your storage unit.

Wide, Well-Lit Driveways
A-Plus Super Storage knows what matters when entering and exiting a storage facility. That’s why each of our locations is designed with wide driveways and plenty of lighting, which gives many renters peace of mind.

Onsite Managers
Our onsite managers, located at each of our seven Lubbock locations, are trained to help you with whatever your storage-related needs might be. They are always happy to answer your questions! Here at A Plus Super Storage, we make safety and security a top priority for all of our Lubbock-area storage rentals.

Why does security matter?
  • Ensures that only authorized individuals can enter the premises.
  • Deters unauthorized vehicles from access.
  • Helps in identifying any unauthorized activities or incidents.
  • Minimizes the chances of theft.
  • Provides better visibility for both you and onsite staff.

And most importantly, a well-known reputation and published reviews from current or past customers can indicate a reliable and secure facility. Check out what A Plus Super Storage customers have to say about their rental experiences!

testSevere Weather Protection

Severe Weather Protect: Protect Your RV's & Boats

A-Plus Super Storage offers RV storage, enclosed and canopy!

Storm season in the Lubbock area can be unpredictable, and the risk of severe weather has many of us on edge. Potential high winds and hail are a concern in protecting recreational vehicles, watercraft, motorcycles, and anything else that could get some serious- and costly- damage. Luckily, canopy or enclosed storage spaces offer a higher level of preparedness by covering your vehicles when you need them most!

Renting a storage unit offers affordable and reliable protection in the short term or all year long. Here’s why your friends at A Plus Super Storage are #1 in storage!

Convenient Locations

Enclosed units at 130th & University are ideal for storing your RV or boat. A Plus Super Storage makes it easy to access your vehicle when you need to through extended hours and convenient locations.

Flexible Options

Enclosed and canopy RV storage units are suitable for any type of recreational vehicle. Convenient services like free air and water stations, free dump stations, staging areas, and concrete paths provide stress-free storage at our RV and boat storage locations.

Security and Monitoring

A Plus Super Storage facilities are trusted and known for safety and protection. Computerized gate access, keypad entries, and surveillance cameras will give you peace of mind while your vehicle or trailer is parked in storage. We also have state-of-the-art security features designed with your needs in mind:


  • High fence
  • Keypad entry gate for computerized access
  • 24-hour surveillance cameras located throughout the facility
  • Storage area surveillance
  • Enclosed storage ranging from 30 feet to 50 feet in length

5-Star Service

Agreements with simple terms and month-to-month contracts make A Plus Super Storage the best choice. Plus, our company is built on reputation and outstanding customer satisfaction, like in these 5-star reviews. 

“Great customer service! Nice and easy process! Would recommend” – Christopher Enchinton


Jason is a pleasure to work with. He really makes it easy. He knows.what he is doing. I highly recommend him and A-PLUS super storage.” – Renee Valdez


A Plus Super Storage offers the largest range of enclosed and canopy units available at our convenient 130th & University location. If you want extra protection from the West Texas weather for your RV, boat, motorhome, or travel trailer, we suggest renting an enclosed storage option. 

Don’t want to wait until the next storm rolls in to reserve your spot. Rent online NOW to take advantage of our storage specials!

testSummer Specials and Locations for Students!

A Plus Super Storage: Summer Specials and Locations for Students!

A Plus Super Storage's office at north University

We’ve got some amazing storage deals happening right now ALL summer long for college students! Just like our Affordable Storage locations, A Plus Super Storage facilities are well-lit, secured with 30 digital security cameras, and convenient to Texas Tech University and Lubbock Christian University. Our rental processes are simple and our staff is known for customer service, so getting you in and out of your storage unit is always a breeze.

At A Plus Super Storage, we have a dedicated student storage expert to answer your questions. Text or call Elizabeth at 806-441-6955 today! 5 convenient A Plus Super Storage locations are perfect for your storage needs this summer:

  1. N. University & Clovis Rd., 2502 Clovis Rd. Lubbock, Texas 79415
    Just 1 Mile North Of Texas Tech!
  2. North Frankford, 1606 North Frankford Ave Lubbock, Texas 79416
    Rent Now at this *brand-new* location!
  3. 38th & Milwaukee, 3802 Milwaukee Ave Lubbock, Texas 79407
  4. 82nd & University, 2415 82nd Street Lubbock, Texas 79423
  5. 104th & Slide, 10410 Slide Rd. Lubbock, Texas 79423

There’s no doubt we have the right unit for you. We know your time is valuable so we make the sign-up process quick and easy. Check out our most asked questions from college students, where we cover unit size, affordability, and what type of agreement terms you can expect. There’s a reason A Plus Super Storage has top-notch customer service and over 1,000 5-star reviews. Don’t wait, give us a shout today!

testA Plus Super Storage Adds New Storage Facility on Frankford Avenue

A Plus Super Storage Adds New Storage Facility on Frankford Avenue

A Plus Super Storage location at 1606 North Frankford Ave

We know convenient, affordable, and clean storage options are essential to our Lubbock community and neighbors. Luckily, we are opening a brand new A Plus Super Storage location just minutes from the medical district, Texas Tech University, and many other shops and businesses! In the north side neighborhood of Lincoln 16, you’ll soon find 1606 N Frankford with drive-up and climate-controlled units, and here’s how to reach us at this new location.


Customers can expect affordable rental options for climate-controlled and regular drive-up units at 1606 N Frankford Ave. Plus, safety and customer service is still our #1 priority. 

  • 24-hour digital surveillance
  • 30+ digital security cameras on-site
  • Personalized codes for gated keypad entry
  • Lighted driveways
  • One entrance gate
  • One exit gate
  • Affordable sizes for climate controlled
  • FREE trailer rentals with move-in! (Contact the store to secure yours in advance)

Be sure to check the A Plus Super Storage website for our most accurate and up-to-date pricing, specials, and grand opening events. Go ahead and reserve your storage unit to lock in our Spring rates!