Seniors Are Downsizing and This is Their Checklist


Even though some people might think that living in a giant home is the epitome of the American dream, that’s not true for everyone. These days, senior citizens have started to downsize as they grow older and retire, and the decision is pretty brilliant. To save money, lower property taxes, travel more, be less stressed, or just move on to the next chapter in your life, seniors aren’t the only ones downsizing. The trend is becoming increasingly popular and for good reason! But if the thought of downsizing alone is overwhelming, then you’ve come to the right place. We promise it’s not, and moreover, we’re here to help!


As more and more seniors are downsizing, what exactly, is their checklist for making the big move? Well, it turns out that the entire process is a lot less complicated than you think (especially when you rent out a storage unit). If you’re considering downsizing—regardless of your age—these simple tips can definitely help.

Go Through Your Belongings

Perhaps the first thing most seniors do, and you can do too, to make the downsizing process easier is going through all their belongings. This might seem intimidating, but it will seriously help in the long run. Take a good, hard look at all your clothes, decor items, books, movies, and whatever else you own to see if there are things you truly don’t need and that you can live without. Just take it one space at a time, and before you know it, you’ll see how much stuff you can truly part with. Once you see what you don’t need, the idea of downsizing can become a whole lot more realistic.


Additionally, this is a great opportunity to have a garage sale to get rid of extra belongings or donate them. When decluttering, you can make separate piles for items to keep, donate, sell, or simply toss. Whatever you do, this first step in the downsizing process is important and can make a big difference when you want to move into a smaller space for any and all reasons.

Have a Plan to Organize Your New Space

Even after you go through everything that you own and get rid of some things, that doesn’t mean moving into your new, smaller home will automatically go smoothly. It’s important to have a plan for how you’re going to fit everything you’ve kept into your new space. Yes, before you even start packing items away in boxes, have an idea of where everything will go in your new home.


To do this, make sure you have an accurate picture of your new home’s floor plan. Then, you can decide where you’re going to put bigger furniture items and think about what storage and organizational items you’ll need to purchase to make everything else fit. For instance, if your new bathroom lacks adequate shelves and cabinets, you might want to buy some storage shelves before moving in. Whatever the case, all seniors and anyone else going through the downsizing process can agree that having a plan before moving in is key.

Rent a Storage Unit for any Extras or Sentimental Items

Even though your goal in downsizing might be to save money, it’s still a good idea to rent out a self-storage unit for anything you want to be kept safe or put away. If you’ve found that your new, smaller home doesn’t have space for all your keepsakes or even just seasonal items you don’t use every day like heavy winter coats and holiday decorations, then a storage unit is a great idea.


Fortunately, A-Plus Super Storage regularly offers discounts on just about all of our storage units, so when you’re ready to downsize, we’ve got a safe place to put anything extra that won’t fit. Go ahead and pack away those sentimental items you want to keep secure (and climate-controlled), as well as anything else—and don’t feel bad about it! We make sure your items are taken care of and that you’re getting a great deal. You’re still downsizing when you rent a storage unit, and it’s honestly the smartest way to ensure your move goes smoothly.


No matter what reason you have for wanting to downsize, we’re here to help make that process easier. So, take a deep breath and get to organizing and planning! Once you get started, you might even have fun! Regardless, we bet that once you’ve completed this checklist, you’ll feel so much better about moving into a smaller space.