The Infinite Uses for Storage

The Infinite Uses for Storage

Holiday Storage

  • Gift wrapping and everything that comes along with it. How many times have you looked for a convenient place to store all the wrapping paper, tissue paper, ribbon, gift bags, cards, and other wrapping supplies so they’re not constantly in the way?
  • A place to wrap gifts. We know how tricky it can be to find a place to sneak away and get your gift wrapping done when you have a family and curious little ones running around. Now you can plan ahead and know that you can come do your gift wrapping in a safe, quiet place where Santa’s secrets won’t be discovered—and the family gift wrapper can find some holiday peace! Be sure to check out our annual specials that run from December 1 through Christmas Day for this exact purpose! 
  • Assembling gifts. Santa can’t very well assemble Johnny’s and Susie’s’ Christmas bikes in the garage, can he? But he can probably find a couple of hours to slip off to A-Plus Storage to build them. And if Santa gets the assembly done a little early for once, his storage unit now becomes a secure place to store (and all the other gifts) them away from prying eyes until Christmas Eve. Of course, you can use your storage unit to assemble birthday doll houses or other toys, too.
  • Holiday décor. Everyone loves to decorate for holidays, but the decorations go up for a few weeks, and then what do you do with them? Whether it’s spooky Halloween decorations, gorgeous fall/Thanksgiving decorations, Easter eggs and baskets, or all of those Christmas decorations, a storage unit is the perfect place to keep it all together without your decorations being ruined by changing temperatures as often happens with attic storage. (Plus they’re a lot easier to get to without climbing those darn attic ladders!) Use our Packing and Storage Tips to help you organize it all, and when it’s time to put up those holiday decorations, you can just go in and say, “Christmas tree? Check. Ornaments? Check. Lights? Check. Stockings and mantle garland? Check.” It’s all right there, ready for your gorgeous holiday display!
  • Package delivery. Don’t let those online orders get stolen off your front porch while you’re at work! When you rent a storage unit from A-Plus Super Storage, you can ship your packages directly to our facility, and the onsite manager will sign for them and let you know when they’ve arrived. Then you can pick them up during office hours, knowing they’re secure until you get there. We offer this service year-round for al our customers, so take advantage any time!

College Storage

When the semester’s over and you must move out of the dorm room, who wants to drag everything back to Mom and Dad’s house? Stash your stuff in a storage unit near your university, then take just the essentials home with you for Christmas or summer break.

Bulk Shopping

When your nearby wholesale club is running some great specials, feel free to stock up on toilet paper, canned goods, paper towels, and laundry detergent. A storage unit gives you plenty of space to store your backstock. Now you’ll always be prepared and save yourself time and money without filling up every square inch of space in your home.

Seasonal Gear

Sometimes our activities change with the seasons, and we need a space to store out-of-season gear until next year. Tuck away these items in a storage facility so they’re all ready for you next season:

  • Beach toys, canopies, chairs, and umbrellas
  • Tents and camping gear
  • Scuba diving equipment
  • Fishing rods, reels, and tackle
  • Skis, sleds, and snowboards (along with all the bulky clothing that go with these sports)
  • Jet skis, tubes, and life jackets
  • Other sporting equipment: kayaks, canoes, hang gliders, parachuting gear—whatever your extreme (or not-so-extreme) sport is, securely store the equipment out of the way when you’re not using it.
  • Lawn equipment—From lawnmowers to weedeaters, edgers, and gardening supplies, free up garage space during winter months when you’re only using them every few weeks or so.
  • Patio furniture—Move your picnic table, lawn chairs, glider, grill, and hammock indoors and out of the elements for the winter season so they stay nice for next spring and summer.


Extra Furniture

You just found the perfect new sofa, but Sally’s going off to college in two years, and your old sofa would work great for her college apartment. Now what? Put it in storage, of course! While you’re at it, put that spare mattress, extra dresser, and old (but still serviceable) dish set in there, too. When the time comes, you’ll be surprised how ready you are to create the college space of her dreams—on a budget!

Garage Sale Items

Garage sales are a great way to clear clutter from your house and earn a little extra cash. But running around at the last second gathering sale items and pricing everything is a huge hassle! Instead, rent a storage unit and as you find items you’d like to sell in your next garage sale, determine a price, mark it, and move the items to your storage facility. When the time comes to hold that garage sale, everything is already sorted, labeled, and ready to sell! Just pick it all up from your storage unit, arrange it on the driveway, and have yourself a successful garage sale.


The options for what you can do with a storage unit are truly limitless. Everyone could probably benefit from renting even the smallest storage unit for a time. Freeing up space and decluttering the home is one of life’s greatest simple joys. What will you do with the extra space you just freed up in your home, garage, or workspace?

Business supplies

  • Tradeshow supplies. When tradeshow season is over, put that tradeshow booth, banners, tables, and swag all in one secure, convenient place. Next year, you won’t have to be running around the office pulling out every drawer and file cabinet trying to remember where you stored all your supplies. Just drive up to your business storage facility, load up the tradeshow boxes, and head off to make your next sale!
  • Subscription box fulfillment. Subscription box companies are all the rage these days. Start your own, and use a storage unit to house your supplies and fill your orders.
  • Whatever non-perishable items your business needs to keep on hand, a storage unit makes a great place to organize and house it all.
  • Work trailer. At the end of the workday, drop off your trailer at a storage unit near home and free up precious space in the driveway.

Big Boy Toys

When you like to envision yourself in the cast of The Fast and the Furious, free up garage space and store your favorite:

  • Classic muscle car
  • Motorcycle
  • Bicycles
  • Gear and tools associated with all these fun grown-up toy


Personal Space

We all need time to ourselves, and whether you have a family or live with roommates, sometimes you just need to get away for a minute. Set up a storage space for some “me time” as a:

  • Meditation room
  • Personal yoga studio
  • “Home-away-from-home” gym—It costs less than a gym membership, and you don’t have to stare at that treadmill covered in unfolded clothes before you go to bed at night!
  • Cozy reading nook
  • Writing/journaling space—Write the great American novel or just tell your diary all your deepest thoughts without interruption.
  • Art studio


Party and Event Equipment

Whether you’re the hostess with the mostess, the head of the PTA, or own an event planning company, party people collect a lot of supplies. Use a storage unit to keep them nice and have them at-the-ready the next time the urge to throw a shindig strikes. A-Plus Super Storage is the perfect place to store:

  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Tablecloths
  • Serving dishes
  • Punch bowls
  • Party decorations

Specialty Tools

Whether you’re a hobbyist or a tradesman, sometimes tools just take up a lot of space. You can safely store your:

  • Chainsaw
  • Router
  • Table saw
  • Lumber that you paid a premium for!
  • Wet saw and tiles
  • Art supplies—cans of paint and large canvases, for example
  • Bags of cement and brick-laying equipment
  • Whatever else you might want out of your garage

Survival Gear

Whether you’re a prepper or just like to be prepared for anything, you can store your bug-out bag and associated gear in a storage unit close to home and be prepared to grab-and-go whenever the need might arise, from a zombie apocalypse to a quick weekend off-the-gride getaway.

Grounded Electronics

You can’t take the kids away from their electronics, but you can take the electronics away from the kids! When the iPad, cell phone, and Xbox are in time-out, ensure sneaky kiddos can’t find them in the house by safely putting them in storage until privileges are earned again.

DIY Projects

We all know someone who spots a broken-down dresser on the neighbor’s curb and sees only the glory it could become with just a little elbow grease. When those pieces have collected faster than the time available to put in the elbow grease, rent a storage unit to keep them in until you’re ready to knock out some fun DIY projects one weekend.

Pet Supplies

Unused puppy kennels, aquariums, doghouses, litterboxes, chicken coops, pens, and more. We all know you’re going to get another pet eventually. Why re-buy it all when you can store the perfectly good equipment until the next time you need it?

Baby Supplies

Similarly (though certainly not the same!), if you plan to have another baby someday (but not now!), store the crib, mattress, stroller, car seat, baby carrier, pack-and-play, toys, books, clothes, and myriad other baby/young child gear for next time.