Packing and Storage Tips

Packing Supplies

Each of our locations offers packing and moving supplies for purchase in the store. You can purchase just about anything you’ll need to pack your items, including boxes, tape, bubble wrap, furniture covers, mattress bags, glass packs, and more. Unused items can be returned unopened and with your original receipt within 30 days of purchase.


How to Pack for Storage

Pack like the pros pack:

  1. Create an inventory of your storage items.
  2. Pack boxes with both storage and stacking in mind.
  3. Prep your storage belongings.
  4. Use our Storage Unit Guide tool to find the unit that fits.


How to Maximize Your Storage Space

Here are a few simple steps you can take to get the most out of your storage space:

  1. Stack boxes all the way to the ceiling.
  2. Get creative with where items are placed in the storage unit. Can your gardening supplies be placed in that spare trash can to consolidate?
  3. Be strategic in where you put your items inside the unit. If you’ll need to access certain items frequently, be sure they’re not in the bottom box along the back wall!
  4. Leave an aisle so you can move through your unit.
  5. Plan ahead so you have all the tools you need the next time you visit your unit.