Owning a Storage Shed vs. Renting a Storage Unit


Anyone who has dealt with an abundance of stuff around their house with nowhere to put it knows just how frustrating that particular situation can be. Many people end up purchasing their own storage shed to keep their belongings in, but is that really the best decision? If you’re torn between buying a storage shed for the back yard or renting a storage unit, allow us to help you out. It’s complicated, but at the end of the day, we think you’ll see that a storage unit is a much better choice.


When you truly compare a storage shed against a storage unit, it’s clear that the storage unit is the way to go. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. A storage unit is more secure than a storage shed
    When you purchase a storage shed, you might think it’s a great way to keep some extra garden tools or old baby clothes out of the way while still keeping them safe. And while it can be smart in some ways, you also must think about security. If you’re planning on storing valuable possessions, you obviously want to keep them safe. With a storage shed that’s likely in your own backyard, there’s not much you can do in terms of security other than a lock on the door to the shed and maybe a camera and floodlight.On the other hand, when you rent out a storage unit, there are many extra security measures in place, so you’ll feel more comfortable leaving your belongings there. Not only are the storage units at A-Plus Super Storage protected by a secure-access gate, but with bright lighting, security cameras, and the option to add a padlock to your storage unit, it doesn’t really get any safer.
  2. A shed requires a lot of time and effort from you
    It might seem nice to actually own your storage shed, but that ownership also comes with more responsibility and effort on your behalf. Not only do you have to go out and find a storage shed that will work in your space, but you also must bring it home and assemble it yourself. Or, you can pay to have the shed assembled, but that will cost you some serious dough. Either way, owning a storage shed isn’t exactly simple. On the other hand, renting out a storage unit is easy. All you have to do is complete the simple online rental process, then pull up in front of the unit and unload your belongings. Seriously, it’s that easy. We can even provide a trailer to help move your items at no cost to you. So when you consider renting a storage unit versus buying your own storage shed, just remember that a storage shed is a lot of work.
  3. A storage unit comes with a lot more amenities
    Just like a storage shed is a lot of work to assemble, it doesn’t really come with any amenities. Honestly, the only perk of owning a storage unit is that you can just walk outside to your backyard for access to it. But that doesn’t mean it’s worth all that hassle and cash. Renting out a storage unit, on the other hand, comes with loads of amenities. Most of our A-Plus Super Storage locations have drive-up access to all the units, electronic gate access, 24-hour video surveillance, and even onsite managers to help with any issues you might have. On top of all of that, many of our units are climate-controlled and dust-controlled, so you don’t have to worry about your items getting covered in dust or overheating while they’re in storage. Your basic backyard storage shed won’t protect your belongings from heat, cold, or dust. Basically, you can’t go wrong with a storage unit, and with all the amenities you get by renting one, you’ll forget all about that storage shed idea.
  4. Storage sheds can be more expensive
    It’s easy to assume that it’s a smarter financial decision to own something rather than rent it. But as far as storage sheds versus storage units go, the shed is still a much bigger investment, and it’s typically just not worth it.


A standard 10-ft x 10-ft storage shed you purchase will cost about $1,700. And then you have to install and assemble it yourself, and probably give up a good chunk of space in your backyard. You might even have to take out some trees or a flower bed or two. But, if you rent a 10-ft x 10-ft storage unit with us, rent starts at just $33 per month, or less than $400 per year. Additionally, you can rent out the unit for as long as you need. If you end up not needing the extra space for long, you can simply stop renting. Not only would you be saving money by renting, but it’s just so much easier.


Bottom line: If you purchase a storage shed, you’d have to actively use it for over four years before it becomes cheaper to buy vs. rent a storage unit. It takes up yard space, it’s less secure, and it’s not climate controlled. You have to purchase and assemble it yourself or pay someone to do it.


Meanwhile, if you rent a storage unit, you fill out the online rental agreement, load your stuff up, put it into your climate-controlled unit, and go home, rest assured that your belongings are protected by gates, lighting, and security cameras. And if you don’t need to store those items anymore, you simply stop renting your storage unit.


When you look at all these factors, the decision seems simple. Leave all the hard work to us and rent a storage unit! Trust us, it’s worth it.