Multigenerational Living is on the Rise: Best Practices to Keep Your Sanity

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It’s no secret that being an adult in today’s economy is expensive. The cost of living is on the rise pretty much everywhere, the job market is intense and scary, and so is the housing market. Enter: multigenerational living. There are many reasons more and more people are living in multigenerational households. In case you didn’t know, a multigenerational household is one in which more than one generation of the same family lives under one roof. Typically, this would look like a young married couple living with one set of their parents to save some cash before getting their own place. But there are many variations of multigenerational living, and many reasons why people do it.


The simple fact of the matter is that multigenerational living is on the rise. And if you’re someone who lives in a multigenerational household or who plans on it, then you might want to know some tips on how to make the situation work for you and not stress you out too much. Because let’s be honest, living with family members can be some people’s worst-case scenario, even if it will save money in the long run. So, here are some best practices to keep your sanity around your family.

Have Your Own Dedicated Space

If you’re living in a multigenerational household, then there are likely more people in your home than you’re used to. It can be a bit crowded, and even if you enjoy spending time with your family and whoever it is that you’re living with, that doesn’t mean you won’t want your own space at some point during your living arrangement.


So to survive this multigenerational living situation, it might be best to have your own dedicated space. Whether that’s your bedroom, an office area, outdoor area, or even a basement or bonus room you can escape to, it’s crucial to keep your sanity in check by having a space that’s just yours. That way, when things get too stressful or loud, you have somewhere to go for some privacy.

Have an End Goal in Mind

When your living situation isn’t your ideal living situation, it can be hard to stick it out and not get too stressed out by it. And while multigenerational living might be perfect for some people, if it’s not your dream scenario but rather is necessary for the time being, then remember to always keep your end goal in mind.


Whether that’s to save money for your own place, to help take care of a loved one while they’re sick or need your assistance, or just to think and plan out where you eventually want to live, it will help you to write out your goals and keep them somewhere you can see them every day. Keep your eye on the prize, as they say.

Keep Communication Open

As is the case with any living situation, it’s crucial for you to keep open communication lines between yourself and your roommates, even if your roommates happen to be your parents or grandparents or aunt or cousins—or adult children. Make sure you can talk to each other about any situations that might arise when you live together, who will take care of what chores, and what you all expect of one another.

Make Sure Your Belongings are Taken Care Of

When you live in a multigenerational household, the space might be a little tight. After all, if you live with your parents or your spouse’s parents, there could be four (or more) adults all living under one roof, and you might not have room for all of your belongings. Furthermore, you might have duplicates of many household items from toasters to TVs to couches.


So, if you have boxes of clothes that won’t fit in your temporary closet, or excess furniture and appliances that won’t fit anywhere, you’ll want to rent out a storage unit. This is still a great way to save money because A-Plus Super Storage offers plenty of discounts on self-storage units. You can choose the size unit you want and need—and even how long you’ll need to put your stuff there—and trust that your items are safe with us. Multigenerational living doesn’t mean you have to sell or get rid of all your things. Just be smart and plan ahead!


There are plenty of perks to multigenerational living, so if you’re considering it or are already in the trenches, know that you’re doing what’s best for you and your family. And while it can be stressful and hard, it can be beautiful and educational, too. And there are ways to cope and make the best of the situation, so try to remember that!