5 Things to Consider Before Moving in With Your SO


It’s no secret that relationships tend to be complicated, no matter how healthy and fulfilling they might be. When a relationship is new, it’s exciting and fun and full of firsts! But as time goes on, more serious considerations arise between you and your partner, and big decisions must be made. For instance, is marriage something you both want? What about kids? Will you move in together eventually? If the answer to that last question is a yes, then it’s easy to get excited for when that day comes.


But there are certain things to consider before moving in with your significant other (SO). While it’s easy to only think of the exciting things that come with taking this next big step in your relationship, it’s important to also be practical and logical, too. Where will you live? Will you need a storage unit during the move? After the move? Are you ready to split the rent or a mortgage? This is a big life decision, and moving in general is a pretty huge milestone. So be sure you’ve thought through everything before getting those matching sets of keys.


1.  How will moving in work financially?

Perhaps the biggest question you need to ask yourself before you move in with your romantic partner is how this decision will impact you both financially. Will you save money? If so, how much? Do you want to save together towards a common goal? If you both want to save as much money as possible, then living together might make sense.


However, you might find that a smart way to save money while living together is to rent a storage unit—even a small one—to help hold your belongings during and after the move. If this is something that makes good financial sense for both of you, then you’re definitely on the right track.

2.  Are your sleeping habits compatible?

If you’ve never lived with someone else, or even if you have, you might still be unprepared for the realities of the situation. Yes, it might seem like all fun and games to just have a never-ending sleepover with your partner, but if you don’t have the same sleep patterns, you could both end up exhausted, over-tired, and grumpy.


If you’re incompatible in the sleep department, then it can wreak havoc on your relationship. So, be sure you know whether one of you is an early riser or a night owl, or who needs an afternoon nap now and then before taking the plunge. That way, you can at least have some idea of what to expect once you’re living together.

3.  What will you have too much of?

Moving in with your significant other is about more than just the relationship side of things. Your relationship will change, but there are also some logistical things you should consider as well. For instance, if you move into your one-bedroom apartment together, you won’t need your partner’s bed, will you? And one of your couches has to go somewhere. Then there’s all the kitchen appliances and gadgets you’ll have doubles of when you move in together.


You can donate or even sell some of the things you’ll have too much of, but if you eventually want to move into a bigger place, you don’t want to have to buy it all again later, do you? Make a list of everything you’ll have too much of so you can start to plan what you want to do with it all once you make the move.

4.  You should rent a storage unit to store what won’t fit for now

If you’ve realized that you and your partner will have a surplus of certain items but don’t want to or aren’t ready to get rid of them for good, then you should consider renting a storage unit in the meantime. Trust us, we think you’ll find that renting with A-Plus Super Storage is well worth the cost. For one low monthly fee, you can ensure that your extra furniture, appliances, and even decor items have a safe home until you and your significant other move somewhere with more room.

5.  What if you break up?

As hard as it might be to imagine, there’s a chance that you and your significant other will break up after moving in together. And living together can make a breakup a lot more complicated because, on top of the tragedy of your relationship ending, you also must deal with the logistics of possibly finding a new place to live and moving out. Fortunately, a storage unit is great in this situation because at least you maintain ownership of all your belongings and can load more in there while you wait for your new lease to start.


Moving in together is a big step for any romantic relationship, but no matter what your situation is, it’s important to consider all the details that living together entails. Think about any incompatibilities you might have, how the finances will work, and whether you’ll need a storage unit to keep all your extra things safe. Then you can feel confident in whatever decision you reach.