Pick a storage unit size to see what it can hold.

Figuring out which storage unit size is right for you is easy with our estimator tool. When you click on a unit size there will be an animation that will help you get a better idea of how much space your things may need. It’s also very useful to see if the storage unit size you were considering will fit your needs.

Our units all fit into 4 categories: small, medium, large, vehicle or boat. Each of these units sizes can be found at any of our storage facilities in Lubbock Texas. All of these units can help you store the contents of your home or office. Our storage unit sizes are available in drive up, dust controlled and climate controlled units.

We know that figuring out how many square feet you may need to store your belongings may be difficult, we are here to help. We pride ourselves on customer service, and any of our on-site managers are more than happy to answer any storage related questions you may have. You can also use our space estimator, it’s a tool that helps you figure out what things will fit in which unit. This tool makes it easy to find the perfect unit to fit your needs.Our small square footage units range from 25 – 50 sq ft. most of them are the size of a walk-in closet. They offer great personal storage and can fit up to 100 boxes.  These units are: 5x5x5, 5×5, 5×10.The medium sized units: 8×10, 10×10, 10×15 are our most popular units. These storage units can be the size of a small room or the size of a full garage. They can hold furniture, appliances or a small 2 bedroom house.Our large and vehicle storage units are great  for larger storage spaces. These are awesome for storing your vehicle or boat and they can hold a full 4-5 bedroom house. If you are needing to store your RV click here for more information.